Monday, March 08, 2010

Praising the Queen (em inglês)

last year, when meryl lost the oscar to kate (and that at least was fair, since kate is a fairly good actress) me and miguel thought about making a tshirt saying "i won an oscar to meryl streep" since everyone in hollywood has, almost. this year i'm doing it. and i might add up "(and i didn't deserve it)". the thing is sandra bullock is a crap of an actress, come on! the thing is, everyone praises meryl with speeches about how she is the best and so on but no one actually seems to treasure her enough to give her what she deserves, just because she has some already. it is not fair. just because we all already know that everything she touches turns to gold, that doesn't mean she does not deserve the gold itself. just because she is so much better than all the others, and that everyone thinks they don't have a chance against her, they ignore her, pretend that the greatest isn't also running for the award. if she is the best, then let her be so. most of you might think she's overrated, i think she's underrated. everyone takes the woman for granted and if, one day, something bad happens everyone will be crying, just saying, because they didn't give her her 3rd oscar on the right time. her career took off again lately, so please ackownlegde that. hollywood you depress me even more when you don't give colin firth an oscar too. and i am sleepy, since i've only slept two hours and a half to see jeff bridges and sandra bullock walk away with the award. at least james cameron did not win. now i wanna see what is the next big film meryl will be in, that will obviously give her another nomination and hopefully win. meanwhile, i enjoyed my journey through all her filmatography. that woman is a pleasure and a joy to watch. she is, indeed, the best (living actress).

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